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6 Recommended Hostels in Haad Rin

Bamboozle Hostel

Bamboozle Hostel

Bamboozle Hostel is a well-run establishment that is good for those looking for a bed to crash in during the festivities. The hostel has reasonably priced bunk beds in mixed dorms or triple rooms (1 single and 1 double), bungalows and double rooms.

This means you can take your pick from a variety of accommodation options that best suits your needs and your budget.

The dorm has a shared bathroom, air-com and a locker for each guest. The bathroom has hot water showers. While there are power points in the rooms there isn’t any internet. This can be accessed free of charge in the communal areas.

This means the bar and restaurant at the front of the hostel. You can get the usual selection of pizza, fries, English breakfast and Thai food as well as cold beers, juices, shakes and spirits.

There is also a pool table for guest use.

You can find Bamboozle in the heart of the town, near both beaches as well as all the shops, bars and restaurants of party central.


If you rock up in the lull between parties you can negotiate a bunk for as little as 100 Thai Baht a night. The same bed will go for 1,000 Thai Baht a night during the FMP. You can get a triple room from 1,000 Thai Baht if you book online.

Prices are very fluid in the hostel business in Haad Rin; it is hard to report any price without it immediately being out-of-date!

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Culture Club Backpackers

Culture Club Backpackers

This is not a backpackers hostel based around gender fluid performers from the 1980s. Rather it is a well-run backpackers place with comfortable bunk beds and good facilities.

They have a mixed dorm with shared bathroom and air-con. There is free wifi in the dorm, the rooms and the communal areas. The rooms are small but comfortable, and of course they are en-suite. The bunk beds in the dorm have ‘glamorous’ gold curtains for the bottom bunk to give a bit more privacy.

The two great things about this hostel are the service and the swimming pool. The staff are happy to help with tickets, bike hire and will happily field any questions from the guests.

The pool at the back of the hostel is only small but it provides a great place to relax away from the hustle and bustle of Haad Rin. There are sun loungers and the elevated position of the pool means that it enjoys sea views.

Culture Club Backpackers can provide drinks and a small range of food items. Most of the guests prefer to head out the bars and restaurants in town since the hostel is in the heart of the action.


A dorm bed at Culture Club Backpackers starts at 300 Thai Baht a night.

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Electro Hostel

Electro Hostel

Electro Hostel might be named after the blue fluorescent lighting in the window front and in the dorms. It is a bit like a night club. The fluorescence means you can find your bunk and the toilet without having to turn the light on and disturb your fellow dorm dwellers. You will either love or hate this place.

Electro Hostel has a range of dorm options. There is the 4 bed dorm, the 8 bed mixed dorm and the 10 bed mixed dorm. These dorms are fairly small – just a row of bunk beds facing a bank of lockers. There is one air-con unit in the rooms and a series of fans. Each dorm room has a shared bathroom with hot water shower. There’s a TV in the 10 bed dorm. Whether you can all agree to watch the same show is another matter.

The dorm rooms also include a fridge. This is handy if you are on a tight budget and are trying to do a bit of self-catering.

There are also a few double rooms for rent. These go for about 2,000 Thai Baht a night and include en-suite hot water bathroom and air-con. The rooms also have a fridge and TV with cable channels and a DVD player.

Communal facilities are limited at Electro Hostel. The front area is given up to a dorm. That is a bit weird; like sleeping in a shop window display. At the back of the hostel is a small gravelled area with table and chairs. It looks a little bit Zen and like Zen doesn’t offer much entertainment.

Electro Hostel is on Soi Tommy, at the heart of the action in Haad Rin. The lack of a restaurant or bar is no big deal because there are plenty of wining and dining options within a stone’s throw of the hostel.

Indeed this is one of the reasons why Electro Hostel is to be recommended: it is just a place to sleep – the partying gets done elsewhere. For those keen to save money – the hostel is just 50 metres from Sunrise Beach and within the cordon for paying. This means you can get free access to the party. It also means that on the big night it is rather noisy.

Reviews of Electro are decidedly mixed. The negatives focus on the stark nature of the place – just a row of bunks, and the positives mention the friendly staff and the convenience of the location. It is also a cheap option and one worth considering, especially if you want no-frills and close to the action.


A bed in a 4-bed dormitory during a lull between full moons can cost as little as 250 Thai Baht a night. That is not bad value for such a small dorm. You can get the dorm with your mates, and then it is not like sharing with strangers. Or if you are sharing with other travellers the noise from people getting in at various times in the early morning is reduced.

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Fubar Hostel

Fubar Hostel

For those not familiar with the acronym, FUBAR stands for ‘fucked up beyond all recognition’. It is not a very politically correct term coined in the military to describe casualties from conflict zones. Haad Rin is not a conflict zone (although there was one unlucky tourist who died in the cross fire in 2012). However, if you stay at Fubar expect to party hard. This is the hostel for the nutters who are up for buckets at sunrise. It is a place where the DJ never stops and the bar never closes. They also run DJ events outside of the Full Moon Party that draw not just residents who cannot sleep but also the permanent party set who inhabit Haad Rin.

The short video clip below captures something of the essence of Fubar.

It is a place for young people. The bar, music and youth dominate. It is a friendly place to hang out, and a good spot to get into a conversation with a stranger.

The accommodation at Fubar consists of a 6 bed mixed dorm in a converted loft space. It has air-con, fan and lockers. On the second floor is a 16 bed mixed dorm. This has better facilities: beds with power supply and reading light, lockers, central gathering area and shared hot water bathroom.

On the ground floor, next to the bar, is a 20-bed dorm. It has 2 toilets, lockers and air-con.

There is one ‘VIP’ room with en-suite bathroom and air-con.

There is free internet at the bar. The main facility at Fubar is the bar and constant party atmosphere. They won’t turn the music down if you are trying to sleep. Keep your stuff locked in a locker as it is easy for people to wander off looking for a toilet and get into a dorm.

This hostel has mostly good reviews but a few travellers complain about the dirty sheets and dirty bathrooms.


Prices for dorm beds start at 350 Thai Baht a night.


You can book Fubar on Hostelworld either directly or through their website. You can usually rock up and get a bed in one of the dorms outside of the FMP period.


Fubar is near Sunrise Beach.

Star Dormitory

Star Dormitory

From the outside Star Dormitory looks more like a beauty salon than a hostel. And indeed the precious front room of the unit is given over to a beauty salon. So no restaurant or bar here. That is not such a problem as the Star Dormitory is literally next door to a Family Mart where you can buy cheap snacks and drinks.

There are 2 dorms available: a 4-bed dorm and 12-bed dorm. They both have lockers, air-con, fan and shared toilet.

The wall decorations are bright and gaudy as is the bed linen. The effect is noticeable and might be unintentionally a branding attempt. It matches the decor of the nail salon out front.

What is good about this hostel is that it is not a party hostel. The owners don’t party. Instead they keep the place clean and look after their guests. Hence the high rating Star Dormitory has on review sites.


A dorm bed can be booked online for as little 260 Thai Baht a night.

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Star Dormitory is to the west of the lake, near Sunset Beach.

Wild and Wandering Hostel

Wild and Wandering Backpacker Hostel

Wild and Wandering Hostel has established itself over the years as one of the best hostels in Haad Rin. It is a well-run hostel with good facilities that is known to host great pre-full-moon parties.

Again, we have another hostel with a striking decor. This time it is pink with playboy logos and fluffy chairs. This is the front of the hostel. There are tables and chairs outside and inside is a narrow communal area with bar at the back. There is also TV for customer entertainment. You can get free wifi in the bar / lounge.

The hostel is located near the beach. It has a large dorm room. There is air-con and a shared bathroom. Guests get a locker to store valuables. They also receive a towel, which is unusual for a hostel in Koh Phangan.

The staff are friendly and up for a party. They mix strong cocktails and buckets and really try to get the party started.

There is no restaurant, but there are plenty of eating and drinking options nearby.


During peak times Wild and Wandering Hostel charges 1,000 Thai Baht per person. That is a lot. You can get a bungalow for a similar price. What you get with this hostel is the chance to socialise and meet other like-minded souls looking for a big night out.

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Wild and Wandering Hostel is virtually equidistant between Sunrise and Sunset beach, right in the heart of the action.


Prices for hostels go up and down very quickly. It is mostly due to the need to cash in on the monthly Full Moon party. You can haggle if you turn up without a booking. Otherwise, forget it.

Late 2017 news stories from the island have mentioned that the police are looking to clamp down on pop up hostels that aren’t applying for a license and thus not paying tax.