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Budget Haad Rin Hotels

Sunrise Beach Area of Haad Rin

The Sunrise Beach Area is where the Full Moon Party is held and the perfect location for people who want to stay close the Party itself.

V2 Seagate Hip Hotel

book V2 Seagate Hip Hotel

From 400 THB


Private room at V2 Seagate

Not actually on the beach, but less than 2 minutes walk to get there. This 10 room hotel has cheap dormitory rooms and more expensive private rooms. The hotel does not have a swimming or restaurant, but there are plenty of places to eat and drink nearby and Sunrise beach is a great place to swim in good weather.

Paradise Bungalows

book Paradise Bungalows

From 550 THB

Paradise Bungalows

Budget room at Paradise Bungalows

This long running resort is located on the quieter Southern end of Sunrise beach. On the Full Moon Party night the resort’s bar (The Rock Bar) becomes very busy with live DJs, the infamous (and dangerous) flaming skipping ropes and slides. Paradise Bungalows is the ‘heart and soul’ of the Full Moon party. At other times it is simply a pleasant and chilled out resort on the beach.

Amaresa Resort

Amaresa Resort

From 700 THB

Amaresa Resort

Private bungalow at Amaresa Resort

Budget bungalows on the hillside to the South side of the Full Moon Party beach. More expensive and better furnished bungalows arealso available. Great ‘old school’ Thailand backpacker atmosphere. The Amaresa Resort also has one of the coolest bars in Haad Rin situated on a balcony overlooking the sea. This a quieter place to stay although guests should note that the direct route to the beach involves walking through the forest.

Sunset Beach Area of Haad Rin

Other side of the Haad Rin peninsula to Sunrise Beach, but still only a 5 minutes walk to the Full Moon Party. Very close to the Haad Rin Queen ferry pier to Koh Samui.

Leela Beach Bungalow

Leela Beach Bungalow

From 500 THB

Leela Beach Bungalow

Leela Beach Bungalows are amongst the cheapest in Haad Rin

The fan cooled bungalows are set back from the beach, and the more expensive bungalows with A/C and Sat TV are closer to the beach front. Not the best presented accommodation on Koh Phangan, but cheap for Haad Rin and near to the beach. Around Full Moon time you often need to settle for what you can get and there are worse places to stay. This resort represents good value for money and worth considering if you are on a tight budget.

Haad Rin Town

Where the action is and only a short walk to Sunrise Beach where the Full Moon Party happens. Haad Rin Town has many bars and restaurants which are busy on the nights before and after the Full Moon Party.

Peach Guesthouse

Peach Guesthouse

From 500 THB

Peach Guesthouse

Private room at Peach Guesthouse

Somewhere to sleep for a very cheap price. Double and triple rooms. Cheaper room have fans, and the more expensive rooms have air-conditioning. All rooms have en-suite bathrooms, free WiFi and fridges in the room. This hotel is fairly peaceful as it is tucked away on a side street and is 5 to 10 minutes walk from the Full Moon Party. The Peach Guesthouse will best suit younger budget travellers coming to Haad Rin for the Full Moon Party.

The Drop in Club Resort and Spa

book Drop in Club Resort

From 1,600 THB


Room at the Drop in Club resort and Spa

The Drop in Club Resort and Spa is large hotel with a swimming pool and Full Moon Party atmosphere located near the centre of Haad Rin town. Whilst more comfortable than staying at many of the hostels in Haad Rin, the poor service and room standard mean that few people would choose to stay here if other options were available.

Sun Cliff Resort

book Sun Cliff Resort

From 700 THB inc. breakfast

Swimming Pool at the Sun Cliff Resort

Swimming Pool at the Sun Cliff Resort

Sun Cliff Resort is a small hotel with a swimming pool, restaurant and great sea views. They have rooms in a hotel building or bungalows around a garden. The room rates are slightly more expensive than other budget options in Haad Rin but they also offer a slightly better room standard and facilities so the higher prices are justified.

Haad Rin Hills Area

On the way into Haad Rin, 10 minutes walk to town and 15 minute walk to the Full Moon Party beach. This is a popular area to stay for couple and families as it is located away from the noise of Haad Rin Town and somewhere to retreat to for a peaceful night’s sleep even on the Full Moon Party night.

Thai Dee Garden Resort

book Thai Dee Garden Resort

From 950 THB


Bungalows at the Thai Dee Garden Resort

Located on the border between the Haad Rin Hills and Haad Rin Town areas this resort is a great budget option for the Full Moon Party. The bungalows are set within a pleasant garden and the people who run the resort have a reputation for being friendly. This hotel has several different room sizes including a bungalow with four single beds which will suit groups travelling together and looking to save money on accommodation whilst staying in Haad Rin for the Full Moon Party.

Black & White Bungalows

Room at the Black & White Bungalows

Room at the Black & White Bungalows

Black & White Bungalows

From 550 THB

One of the better budget options in Haad Rin. All rooms have air-conditioning, satellite TV, free WiFi and en-suite bathrooms. This hotel also has a restaurant and a proper reception area. There is also a swimming pool. The Black & White bungalows will suit budget visitors to Haad Rin who want to save money but not stay at the very cheapest accommodation available during the Full Moon Party. You need to book early to get a room here. There are only 16 rooms at this hotel and they get a lot of repeat customers as the service is generally very friendly.

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