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Cactus Bar


If you follow the road from Haad Rin Town to Haad Rin Nok the main party beach you will see Cactus bar on the left as you hit the sands. It is one of the longest running venues of the Full Moon Party and one of the most popular bars even when it is not a full moon.

Cactus Bar on its Facebook page claims to be open from 9pm to 6am. While this is no doubt true during the FMP, the bar generally shuts down when the last customer leaves. The Haad Rin festivities tend to wind up to the big party with events and then tails off after the big beach bash. During quiet times you cannot turn up at Cactus at 3am and expect to get a drink.

During the Full Moon Party there are few places as popular or busy as the Cactus Bar. It is one of the original FMP venues and is still going strong, sticking to its original mission of providing gallons of booze, Day-Glo decorations and loud music. It is one of the first places to offer fire dancing as a participatory activity for party-goers.

The music at Cactus bar is provided mostly by resident DJs as well as the occasional DJ in ‘from out of town’. The playlist jumps genres and decades. It spans the 70s, 80s, 90s and 2000s and covers such musical styles as Hip Hop, Dance, Electro, Pop, Rock, Rnb and Drum and Bass. This is not a venue for all-night trance music or tech-house. As a result, the bar attracts those interested more in partying then loosing themselves in hours of hypnotic beats interspersed with lung busting breaks.

The bar has 2 floors. The lower floor is the bar with room for dancing as well as some tables and chairs. Upstairs is cosier. The upstairs seating tends to fill up with people quickly, and it is near impossible to ‘reserve’ your seats by putting down your bags or jacket. Rather these things left unattended will be, at best, removed and, more likely, stolen during the melee of any party.

Outside of the Full Moon Party the case is different. You will have no problem finding seating, and the danger of theft is greatly reduced. Cactus Bar is a good meeting place for friends looking to meet up on the beach.

The bar serves cold beers, water, soft drinks, some cocktails and, of course, buckets in all their wonderful inebriating varieties. As with all the bars in Haad Rin Nok on the party night you have to queue up for the toilet and pay a small fee. We recommend you do this rather than add to the sea of piss. All you ladies dipping in and out of the water – we know what you are doing.

During the day the Cactus Bar is open as a restaurant selling the usual array of Thai dishes, burgers, chips etc.

Address: 146 Moo.6 Haad Rin, Baan Tai Koh Phangan, 84280