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Fubar Parties


All the media and net attention tends to gather around the Full Moon Party in Haad Rin. It is not, however, the only party in town. There are lots of bars and other party venues that throw other parties. It is part of the commercial life blood of Haad Rin. One of the best parties is the Fubar Monday Session.

Fubar is a pizzeria, bar, dance venue and hostel. It is a Western managed business that has created a fun and friendly atmosphere. Much is made of the ‘Fubar Family’ who are a group of mostly ‘farang’ who like to jump behind the decks.

It is a small bar with plenty of comfy and low seating. It is an intimate space that tends to be mellow and relaxed except when they crank up the volume.

Fubar is dedicated to house music. Residents such as Annie G, DJ Kaonashi and Harry Slack all play some type of house music.

The bar and hostel is located just 30 meters from Sunrise Beach. You can’t miss it.

For those very particular about their music genres here is a Sound Cloud clip of a Fubar set.

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