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Full Moon Party Venues

Mellow Mountain

This is the bar on the cliffs at the northern end of the beach. The bar has seating overlooking the beach. It’s a great place to chill. Inside there is a bar and dance floor. This place is famous for its psychedelic shakes. The psychedelia spills over to the dance floor: it’s intimate and weird at times. They play minimal and tech-house.

Kangaroo Bar – Closed

Next to Mellow Mountain another bar has appeared. That is Kangaroo Bar. Thankfully, it’s not an Aussie theme pub. It’s more like Mellow Mountain – weird and wonderful. It has great views over the whole beach, special shakes and like Mellow Mountain plays psychedelic tinged house. Read our review of Kangaroo Bar.


This is a long running psy-trance venue. Around the bar are some impressive fluorescent sculptures. Here you will find some real devotees of the FMP and psy-trance. Opposite the DJ booth is a stage that gets packed with swaying bodies. Although Nick the Kid in the video below didn’t get the crowd going nuts, Tommy Resort is known for its go-for-it vibe.

Big Boom Bar

A fairly recent set-up, Big Boom Bar has quickly established itself as the place to hear deep and funky house and progressive house. It’s a small bar so most of the dancing happens on the beach. As you can see from the video, the house/Balearic/disco vibe attracts plenty of the ladies not taken with hard techno.

Big Boom Bar is a nice spot to escape trance and hard-edged minimal. Happy daze!

The Orchid

The Orchid has been going now for nearly 10 years. From its inception it established itself as the home of the broken beat. Yes all those folk dulled out by 4/4 beats need not despair the Orchid is here. They play banging drum and bass, breakbeat and of course hip hop.

There is normally a really good atmosphere at the Orchid.

Unfortunately, the video clip below is rubbish. Orchid actually has one of the better sound systems on the beach.

Cactus Bar

This is one of the original FMP venues. It is a big bar on the middle of the beach. The bar has 2 floors and gets packed during the party. Outside there are lots of people dancing, chatting and trying to damage themselves with the burning skipping rope.

Cactus doesn’t stick to any one genre. Rather the DJ goes with the crowd playing music from the 70s right up to the present. There are loads of genres chucked into the mix from pop to hip hop and from rock to drum and bass. This bar attracts big crowds especially those not really bothered about raving to dance music all night. Read our review of the Cactus Bar.

Vinyl Club

Vinyl Club has a massive sound system and plenty of podiums for those looking to huddle and fist pump as the unrelenting psy-trance and hard techno rains down. This venue is for those up for hard raving. It always pulls a big crowd and has become one of the all-time legendary venues for the Full Moon Party. Long gone are the days when the DJs play vinyl.

Zoom Bar

This bar is smaller version of Vinyl Club. It plays psy-trance and gets those psy-trance devotees assuming the trance pose and flailing their arms around like it’s 1999. This section of the beach has kept to some of the earliest roots of the Full Moon Party, namely the influence of the Goa Trance beach parties in India. Indeed you are bound to spot dreads and fisherman’s pants if you venture into the Zoom Bar orbit.

Drop in Bar

Drop in Bar is one of the biggest bars on the beach front. It is a long-running FMP venue. There are plenty of places to sit and take in the madness. They also have tables and chairs outside.

This bar is a firm favourite with those not on a personal psy-trance adventure into a parallel dimension. Here you can sit and chat and enjoy r ‘n’ b, hip hop, rock, pop and just about any type of catchy tune that the DJ fancies putting out there. Drop in Bar is something of an antidote to Vinyl Club and Zoom Bar next door.

For those protected by higher forces (or imagine they are), there is the shenanigans with fire and rope to participate in.

And for those for whom the name rings a bell, it is because ‘Drop in’ is a bit of a franchise as they have a couple of resorts in Haad Rin and also host a foam party in a pool.

Paradise Bungalows

Find the rock plinth and you are supposedly standing at the site of the first ever Full Moon Party. Or so the owner of Paradise Bungalows maintains. Paradise Bungalows is a big beachfront venue with a honking loud sound system. The DJs put on a show and pump out the hard techno / trance genre that in the early 2000s was the trademark sound of the FMP.

This is often the venue that attracts the big name DJs fancying completing their CV by playing at the Full Moon Party.

Who knows why but there is often a scramble rope up the side of Paradise Bungalows bar and a slide next to it for those who feel like re-living fond childhood memories of techno in the playground.

The Rock

The Rock is the bar sitting on the huge stone at the southern end of the beach. This place claims joint responsibility with Paradise for getting the FMP going in the first place. It’s an old skool bar with plenty of space to get your dance on.

Alternatively, you can sit at a table, sip a cocktail or much needed water and watch the mayhem below on the beach. As with Mellow Mountain, people often view The Rock as a place to cool down after a long stint of frantic partying. The video below shows mostly Paradise Bungalows, as mentioned Paradise and Rock Bar come as a package at the southern corner of the beach.