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Haad Leela Beach Map

Above is the Google Map for Leela Beach. I have highlighted the actual places with red markers. There are a few problems with Google Maps. First they are based on old photography. Second, crowd sourcing gets information but often inaccurate information. Thirdly, there is no mechanism for removing listings of businesses that have long since gone.

It should be mentioned that there is a road joining the main Haad Leela road to Hua Laem Resort and Amaresa Resort. Again, another Google over-sight.

Here are the main businesses on Leela Beach:

Backyard – This is the venue for the infamous Full Moon Party After Party. It goes on all day after the big event
Cocohut Village Beach Resort – 3.5 star resort with cheap bungalows as well as luxury pool villas. Beachfront with communal pool. Read our review

Sarikantang Resort – Popular 3 star resort with stylish rooms and communal swimming pool. Beachfront. Read our review

Leela Beach Bungalows – 2.5 star resort with traditional beachfront bungalows.

Hua Laem Resort – 3 star resort on the east side of the peninsula. Has pleasant bungalows with sea views.

Lighthouse Bungalows – 2 star resort at the southern end of Haad Leela. Good quality bungalows with sea views.

Amaresa Resort – 1 star resort tucked away on the rocks on the opposite side of the peninsula to the beach. Basic fan bungalows overlooking the sea.