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Haad Rin 7-11

7-11 in Haad Rin centre

7-11 in Haad Rin centre

There are is a 7–11 at the road entrance to the town next to the Phanganburi Best Western Hotel. There is another in the centre of Haad Rin. These Haad Rin 7-11 shops are known to all seasoned veterans of Haad Rin and the Full Moon Party. They are great places to pick up essentials, cheap food and drink and to set as meeting points.

The 7-11 is a small shop but they sell a wide variety of items. They have food stuffs like sandwiches, crisps and cup noodles. The great thing about 7-11s in Thailand is that they also provide hot water so you can make your noodles on the spot and eat them outside. You can get hot food also: there is a hotdog machine where you add your own fillings. There are steamed buns with meat as well as sweet buns.

There are also cheap cigarettes and phone cards. Thai people use 7-11 to pay bills, and it is planned that foreigners will be able to renew their visa at the shop. Up and down Thailand the 7-11 franchise has provided cheap products and important services.

You can get condoms, batteries, CDs, insect repellent, exported vodka and whisky. There is gum, plasters and Thai snacks.

There are tall fridge units with cold drinks. There are soft drinks such as water, coke and lemonade as well as Singh, Chang and Leo beer. A bottle of beer which is 30 THB in 7-11 is going to cost you 80 to 100 THB on the beach. On the night of the Full Moon Party they also sell buckets. These are also slightly cheaper than the ones on the beach. For many party goers there is at least one beer run to the 7-11 during the night or early morning. The shop stays open 24 hours for the party. So it is never too late for a nightcap!

Prior to the party it is a good idea to get fluorescent body paint at the 7-11 and get a mate to paint your body. It is much cheaper than buying a fluorescent tattoo down at the beach.

I love the 7-11 because everything is priced. Everything goes through a till. There is no dual pricing system. The staff are friendly and efficient. They are good at their jobs.

Finally the 7-11 by the entrance of Haad Rin is near the taxi stand and good place to arrange to meet people coming into town. Alternatively, if you are on the beach an obvious meeting point is the 7-11 on the main street of Haad Rin.

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