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Haad Rin Business Association


The Haad Rin Business Association (HRBA) seems to be an important part of the business community in Haad Rin. It is an organisation that brings businesses together and facilitates change, I think. It is hard to verify any of this.

According to kohphangannews.org the head of the Haad Rin Business Association is Prasob Touyjaroun. This is a name that does not appear anywhere else on the internet. One comment on the original kohphangannews.org claims this man is the owner of Haad Rin pier and an important man in the area.

It is Mr. Prasob Touyjaroun who signed the declaration made by the Haad Rin Business Association in 2010 that said it is necessary to charge an entrance fee of 100 Thai Baht for the Full Moon Party because extra money is needed for security and beach cleaning.

It is not an unreasonable demand. People at the time were peeved that an entrance fee was being charged to go on a public beach. From this perspective, the fee is unusual.

Of course other commentators just pointed out the huge sums of money the entrance fee would raise and how much of it was really going to be used to protect the environment and improve party security.

This is all largely water under the bridge. The FMP has been charging non-Thais for 5 years. The price has remained at 100 Thai Baht. Nobody seems to mind much. It’s a case of same same but different.

Two other mentions of the Haad Rin Business Association are to be found on the net. One is a YouTube video crediting the HRBA with organising the Ms Haad Rin Bikini Contest. The other mention is that the association was formed in 2008.

What puzzles me is that an important umbrella organisation such as the Haad Rin Business Association has no web page. It doesn’t have a Facebook page. Not even a twitter account. There is no record of the members of the association. It doesn’t have a TAT number.

You begin to wander whether the association really exists. Was the HRBA just created to make the announcement of an entrance fee being charged for the Full Moon Party and to organise bikini competitions? If this is the only discoverable actions of the association you have to assume that the association has no real remit or on-going purpose; other than perhaps to announce a price rise for the FMP entrance fee and another bikini showdown.

Or perhaps the HRBA does make lots of decisions, but we, the public, are not privy to these decisions. Who knows?