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How to Book Cheap Hotel Rooms in Haad Rin

There was a time, not so many years ago, when nearly everyone didn’t book a hotel room in advance when travelling to Haad Rin in Koh Phangan. Rather they arrived and looked around the town until they found a room and a price they liked. Now more than half of the people coming to Koh Phangan book a room online.

Less people are looking to stay a month or two. They come for just a few days, often for a party, and want to organise as many details as possible before they embark on their Koh Phangan adventure.

The only downside to this approach to a holiday is the added cost. Much of the time the real bargains in Haad Rin aren’t available to book online. Some resorts have cheaper rooms they don’t put up on Agoda. Some resorts just aren’t interested in internet booking. Also you cannot haggle over prices using the internet.

Here is a trick I’ve discovered to get a cheaper room in Haad Rin booking online.

1) Click on the ‘search’ button below.

2) Go to the top right and click on price. From the drop down items choose ‘Agoda secret deals’. See picture below:


3) Find a hotel in Haad Rin

That’s it. Very simple. The only drawback is that you book ‘blind’. You get told the following before booking:

  • General area of hotel
  • Hotel star rating
  • Reviews rating
  • Amenities at the hotel

Once booked, Agoda reveals the name of the hotel. If you don’t like the place you can always cancel your booking. There is nothing to lose by using this system for getting great hotel deals in Haad Rin. It takes a bit longer than booking a named hotel but can save you hundreds of dollars over a few days. That has got to be worth the effort.