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Kangaroo Bar

Kangaroo Bar

While Mellow Mountain at the end of Haad Rin Sunrise Beach is famous for its view, special shakes and DJ music, Kangaroo Bar next door lacks media exposure. It has very few Google or Trip Advisor Reviews. Even that attic of the internet YouTube has few videos showing the place. So what is Kangaroo Bar like?

Well it is very much a copy of Mellow Mountain. The parallels are obvious. Both bars are in an elevated position, enjoying great views of the Full Moon Party bedlam going on below. Both sell ‘special shakes’ for 500 THB a go. Both feature DJs playing house music that is not ‘happy’ but rather a brand of strange.

Kangaroo Bar is not an Aussie Theme Bar. It is a long building on stilts perched against the headland at the northern end of Haad Rin Nok. The stilts are painted bright spiralling patterns. There is an open plan allowing full access to the view. Inside there is a bar and an elevated DJ booth. On the balcony there is Thai style seating on cushions and low tables.

The advantage of Kangaroo Bar (and Mellow Mountain) is that it is a more intimate spot to go wild on party nights. The place can manage less than 100 people. The DJ is very close to the dance floor. On party nights the dance floor is dark and illuminated by pin lights and glitter ball throwing off flecks of colour on the dancers. Outside on the balcony the mood is chilled.

As with Mellow Mountain, Kangaroo Bar gives off a strong ‘mushroom vibe’. Of course not everyone is on another planet but if you spend enough time there you will encounter folk drifting in their existential space. It is not a place with the same high energy as many of the other FMP venues.

If you like to flit around on Full Moon Party nights it is worth going to Mellow Mountain via Kangaroo Bar. It makes for a good adventure.