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Koh Phangan Tales

Mia and Pablo getting married in Haad Rin

Mia and Pablo getting married in Haad Rin

Mel Larcombe is better known as Mia Escobud. She is a free spirit that has spent her life travelling and experiencing what the world has to offer. She has lived in Japan and Hong Kong. She first visited Koh Phangan in 1993 and has been coming back to the island ever since. She regards Koh Phangan as her spiritual home. It is also the place where she got married to Pablo.

Mia and Pablo had a traditional Thai wedding ceremony in 2002 at Haad Rin in the same beach bungalow place in Haad Rin that she has continued to live at. The Thai family running the place are her second family. She feels more at home in Koh Phangan than she does back in her birth country of the UK.

At present Mia has been getting on with plenty of things. She has contributed to the phanganist website. For this project she has interviewed such DJ greats as Danny Rampling and Marco Loco. She has been charting the development of the party scene in Koh Phangan, and admits she is uttely in love with dance music.

Mia is a prolific blogger. She writes party reviews and travel articles. She has a blog called ‘Brides by Solo’ for HELLO! Online that was voted in the top 5 wedding blogs in 2014.

Mia’s other half is DJ Pablo Escobud. His house stylings have been enjoyed by thousands of eager party goers for several years on Koh Phangan. The pair are very much part of the party scene on the island.

However, it is not just party party party for the couple. They are also involved helping to heighten awareness to the plight of foreigners incarcerated in Koh Samui Prison. Mia regularly visits the 16 foreigners held there and brings them water and fruit as well as a big smile and a sympathetic ear.

Mia and Pablo have become a part in the ex-pat community in Koh Phangan. They represent the best of the cultural mix on the island bringing respect, talent and a helping hand to those in need.


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