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Om Ganesh Review


Om Ganesh is one of the longest running restaurants in Haad Rin. It has been around for literally years. That in itself should tell you that they serve food which enough people like to make it a viable business. I am always stressed when writing restaurant reviews. I think a place is good and then read on the net that I should think myself lucky that I avoided catching salmonella. Or vice versa, what I thought was a ghastly place with dire service is viewed by many on Trip Advisor as a ‘little gem’.

Om Ganesh is located on the main Haad Rin Road, just 200 metres from the ferry pier. It has been running since 1997 when Haad Rin was a small village with dirt roads. It is the first place in Koh Phangan to offer Indian food, and in my opinion it is still the best.

The restaurant has a large menu. They have typical dishes found in the UK such as lamb vindaloo, chicken tikka masala and malai kofta. They also have food more commonly found in India such as thali.

With Indian food it is impossible to please everyone. For Brits used to mild, rich curries with large pieces of meat, the dishes might not be rich enough. For Indians used to simple (and even vegetarian) food with intense flavours the cuisine might not be authentic enough.

Speaking only for myself, I thought it was good food. Not too hot, but still spicy. It is a different type of spicy to Thai food. I have been to India twice and loved the food so I am at home with a thali.

Mains cost 150 to 200 Thai Baht. It is not the cheapest but it is filling. The service is friendly enough. Sometimes you have to wait a while to get your food if they are busy.


From reading the Trip Advisor reviews below you might notice about one customer claiming they tried to over-charge and then short-change him. That is a sad fact of life when travelling in many places in Thailand. You have to calculate your own bill and count your change. You can but hope that those named and shamed in TA will turn over a new leaf.

Anyway, if you like Indian food and have a hankering for a curry while in Haad Rin the only real choice is Om Ganesh.

Om Ganesh Hostel

As with all successful businesses the smart move is to expand. Om Ganesh has done this by turning their upstairs into a hostel. Like all other hostels it has dorms with bunk beds. The hostel rooms have air-con and a shared bathroom. The only stand-out feature of the hostel is the free Indian food buffet the day of the Full Moon Party.