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Reggae Magic Bar


Haad Rin wouldn’t be complete without at least one reggae bar. Although reggae might not be the most fashionable musical genre at the moment, it suits laid back Koh Phangan very well. The best place to get your Rasta vibe in Haad Rin is the popular Reggae Magic Bar.

The bar is located on the smaller Haad Rin Nai beach on the west coast of the Haad Rin peninsula. Sunset beach is not great for swimming but it does have an awesome sunset. If you want an early evening drink then this is a great spot to head.

The bar is as you would imagine – made of natural materials with no walls and open views of the ocean. So many places in Koh Phangan used to have the same eclectic and wonderful decorations, sadly not so anymore. Reggae Magic Bar demands the eye’s attention with its Day-Glo art work inside the bar that lights up at night. It is like discovering hidden hieroglyphs each commemorating the passing through of some traveller.


The bar was opened in 2011 and has stuck to the same principle of representing old skool Koh Phangan. You won’t find crowds with their heads down in their smart devices or lots of ravers with buckets in hands nodding to house music. You won’t find foodies going nuts over authentic Thai cuisine.

They do buckets and they do do food, but this is a place to chill and listen to reggae music. They serve cold beers, cocktails, fruit juices and shakes. The staff are friendly and always ready to answer questions. They just want you to linger awhile and become part of their Rasta family.

For those who want to know if it is a real reggae bar, the answer is a very hushed yes. You participate in ‘jah’ activities at your own peril.

Check out the amusing video below of people being interrupted by a wild pig. This incident is itself a throwback to the hippy days of Koh Phangan when you would regularly encounter pigs, monkeys, dogs, cats and giant lizards while hanging out on the beach.


Tel: +66 87 994 4399
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ReggaeMagicBar