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Same Same Guesthouse, Bar and Restaurant


Same Same is a Danish owned hostel in the heart of Haad Rin. It is run by two hardworking Danish girls who were the first to realise that the backpacker hostel format was ideal for the Full Moon Party. Over the years they have set up a well-run business that provides dorm beds, Western food, party nights and the social atmosphere that many are looking for.

Christina and Heidi set up Same Same Guesthouse in 2010. At the time it was the first place in Haad Rin to offer dorm beds to backpackers. They had obviously experienced backpacker party hostels before as they set out to make the ultimate backpacker hostel in Haad Rin.

The perfect backpacker hostel involves basic dorm beds, a bar that pumps out booze and loud music, organised events, and hosts ready to meet greet and drink with the guests. This is Same Same in a nutshell. The unique selling point is that it has a Danish theme. The girls are Danish and they serve some Danish food.

The food is one of the few contentious points about Same Same, while most people talk about the amazing pizza and the huge pre-party buffet one disgruntled reviewer on Trip Advisor moans about the poor quality Thai food and that the Full Moon Party buffet was compulsory and expensive. Probably guilty as charged – Koh Phangan has lots of bad Thai food, and many businesses lay into guests for as much money as possible during the FMP by insisting on minimum stays and compulsory meals. In this respect Same Same is no different to dozens of other places.

The days leading up to the Full Moon Party are all about parties and getting the guests to drink as much as possible. There is a party every night for 5 nights preceding the party.

On the big night they have live music, DJs, dancing on the tables, drinking competitions and a huge buffet of mostly Western dishes.


The accommodation at Same Same Guesthouse consists of dorm rooms with bunk beds and 16 private rooms. The minimum stay is 4 nights for the dorm and 6 nights for a room. Dorm beds are between 400 and 500 Thai Baht. The price includes free wifi and locker.

There are 8 fan rooms that cost 800 Thai Baht a night for double or triple room during the full moon. There are also 8 AC rooms that cost 1200 Thai Baht a night for a double or triple room during full moon.

While many might consider the prices too high, they are cheaper than many resorts on the Full Moon Party beach. However, if you look around (especially in Baan Tai or farther afield) you will find cheaper dorm beds and cheaper beach bungalows.

The bar shuts at 1am to allow guests to sleep. However the majority of people staying here are young, sociable and go to bed late.

The high prices are not for facilities or amenities. It is to be part of a group having fun. Heidi and Christina work the crowd well. They try to make everyone feel at home. And then with the help of booze, loud music, meat balls, silly drinking games and pizza they hope to fulfil the expectations of their guests.

Booking Same Same

Same Same have removed themselves from a number of booking engines, and so we cannot offer on-line booking.

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Contact Details

tel: +66(0)77 375200 or + (66) 8189 23806
email: same_same@live.dk

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/samesamebar