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Snoop Dogg Boat Trip


It is possible that after a few days of lying on the beach at Haad Rin Nok and drinking in the numerous bars in Haad Rin you might be ready to see something more of the island. There are two travel options – by road or by boat. The road might be more practical, and cheaper, but the best way to see something of the island is a boat trip. Snoop Dogg Boat Trip leaves every morning from Haad Rin and takes in many of the best spots on the island.

Don’t worry Snoop isn’t that down on his luck that he has given up a career in rap and film to run an obscure boat trip in Thailand – although I can think of worst ways to downsize! Rather it is a bit of odd Thai branding. Incidentally, there is a Snoop shop in Thong Nai Pan Noi Village.

Customers get taken around the island on a traditional Thai longboat. There is a covered deck area for those who need to escape the sun. The tour includes fruit and soft drinks so you don’t need to worry about dehydration. All you need is your swimming costume, sunblock and your camera.

The tour starts from Haad Rin and goes up the east coast. The first stop is Haad Than Sadet. You get a chance to see one of the most beautiful beaches in Koh Phangan before heading into the jungle to walk up the nearby waterfall made famous by the numerous visits of Kings of Thailand to this leafy, cascading paradise.

Next stop is the famous double bay of Thong Nai Pan, home to the best hotels on the island. The vibe here is very different to Haad Rin.

The boat then goes starboard and makes for the once hippy enclave of Bottle Beach. It is another very picturesque spot that might make you think you picked the wrong beach by staying at Haad Rin.

The beach carries on to the north west of the island to Mae Haad and Koh Ma. This is a small island off the coast joined to the mainland by a sand bank. It is the island’s only marine park. There is a healthy coral system. Snoop gives you snorkel and mask and time to explore the life that lives below the surface.

Next is a buffet dinner before heading home to jolly old Haad Rin. Sometimes on the way back Snoop will make a huge Thai whisky and coke bucket to share around. He might even pull out a joint. He’s a lad that embodies the traditional chilled local who sees no reason to get stressed. So just enjoy the ride.

Tickets for Snoop Dogg Boat Trip cost 700 Thai Baht a person. Just turn up at The Lounge at 11.30am and get on the tour. No need for online booking. It is one of the most enjoyable trips you can do from Haad Rin.

Remember that the itinerary depends on weather conditions.


Tel: 08 1085 9137 or 08 7503 6377
Meeting Place: The Lounge Restaurant at 11.30am