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What Goes on with the Party Girls?

Any brief browse of the net in relation to parties in Haad Rin will soon uncover a site called Phanganist. It is a site devoted to the party set – those who enjoy trance, techno, drum and bass etc. While the site has many failings it does have a large list of events in Haad Rin and elsewhere on the island. What it also has is a section called Koh Phangan Party Girl. It has to be one of the most prurient, self-indulgent and misleading items about Haad Rin published.

The page has links to a dozen or so pages each introducing a different ‘party girl’. These creatures have a few things in common: they claim to ‘live’ on Koh Phangan, they mostly claim to be models, and of course they are pretty. The girl in the picture is Pinkerbell. It was very hard to read the blurb about her as I was intently studying the pictures, amazed at the size of her talent and astounded that she was virtually naked at some party or another. She is a bit older than the other girls. She has a child apparently and is/was a nurse, hence the party outfit. She wants to help humanity but for the moment she is enriching the Koh Phangan party scene with her sterling assets. If you burn yourself on the burning rope at the FMP don’t expect Pinkerbell to come to your aid. She, along with her fellow party girls, is busy being with the in crowd.

The whole concept is flawed. There is no beautiful people coterie in Haad Rin. People come and go all the time. Foreigners rent bars, hostels and shops and usually give up after a year as the rents are exorbitant. A few hang on as DJs or dive instructors for a few years. Graham Gold seems to have been around since his fame quotient fell to nearly zero.

The party girls who claim they are working in Haad Rin (mostly as bar girls) are actually telling the immigration police they are working in Thailand illegally. They might look around and see others who are doing the same, but these others have the good sense not to advertise the fact they are breaking the law.

Do you want to live on Haad Rin? Are the parties so great that you cannot ever fill your boots and say: you know what? This has been fun but I think it’s time I saw Angkor Wat.

What is certain is that pretty girls in stages of undress makes for good content. Sex sells. These pretty young bodies are selling the website and the party culture. They are also an illusion. You cannot walk around Thailand baring all. You might get away with it at a jungle party, you might not. It is clickbait. The girls think exposure will help their careers. More likely such glamorous photos will provide great clickbait and encourage other girls to find the mythical heart of the party scene in Haad Rin.